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Pubblicato da Alex Alfa

SekhmetCLR2a“Each and every Being who resides within the Human vessel is in possession of the strength to be whoever and whatever he or she wishes to be.

This strength is gifted to you from the very highest level of our Being, from Source Creator, from the Archangels, Masters and in synchronicity with the alignment of the Stars.

Sit upright in the meditative state and summon to your person the power and vitality of a thousand Warriors. For it is your right to do so. Sense that like a Lotus flower, so the Crown opens and receives an abundance of this golden light.

Finer still, sit in stillness beneath the noonday sun and open to receive her power. Feel it moving down from the heavens, in you and through you, and as it comes to stillness to reside in your Solar Plexus - which is your power center.

I speak to you on this day of power; an essential commodity of which you so mistakenly assume your precious selves to be lacking.

You are neither helpless nor victimized. You have come into this incarnation by choice, as vanquishers of the dark. Carriers of the torchlight, the light of the Sun. It is the Sun which warms the sands and feeds all life.

She and she alone both carries and transmits that which signals to your dormant DNA that the time of the transfiguration is now. Yet she cannot and will not intervene in the absence of your consent. Make haste and go outside your darkened rooms and tell her that indeed, you most graciously grant her leave to affect you.

And then show her your gratitude in your show of compassion and love to Gaia and all life which thrives upon her. Never be afraid to be powerful, Kind Warriors, nor to be noticed as you stand tall and mighty in the glory of your light.

Never disempower yourself by adopting the posture of victimhood.”

So says beloved Sekhmet…


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